Sunday, December 09, 2007 mystery mix up now

did a mix for
    this mix is called "Mike's (near) Death Mix".
    it was recorded a day after being sent home from
    the hospital after having a near death asthma attack.
    so apologies if the mix seems a little wonky at times. i was
    tripping pretty hard on steroids and xanax! killer times.

    PS: yes i know you can hear me cueing sometimes. yes i was
    high, what do you expect? i dont even remember making
    this mix. i was literally tripping.

    Stefanito said...

    hey !!!
    when we'll see your face and the whole bunch of "italians do it better artists" in Paris !!
    i'm looking forward to your next gig here and please not only at the Baron, fashionistas are boring :) !!!

    bruits et temps said...

    great stuff, warts and all!
    there's some trouble with the ids over there ;)

    you better now?


    Italians Do It Better said...

    yea i feel better now. i have asthma that kicks in around cigarette smoke, but its usually no that bad. im in the wrong line of work i think,,,,

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