Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RUBULAD this weekend

hi. im djing Rubulad on Friday November 16. Rubulad
is located in Brooklyn at a semi-secret location
because we are trying to avoid the pigs. If you
want info email me and ill hook you up with the
info. Im djing with my man Chris (of Aerosol Burns
partner fame) and we are playing from 2am on.
Last time we played we got raided by the cops , which
was unfortunate. But the last few parties went off
without a hitch, so... Get there around 5am, thats
when it starts to get good. ALSO, Bruno from the
Homosexuals is playing. so you GOTTA come.


new2thecity said...


I heard that there was a Rubulad party on Sat 19th in Brooklyn. I am new to this type of party; it seems like a Rave party... Can you give me any details about Rubulads?

Thanks a bunch, JC

C said...

hey Mike i Can not download your dj set from megaupload (i can´t never dwld anything from megaupload), do you have any other link. Im dying to listen to one of your sets.
Italians Do It Better is amazing!

Cheers from México.