Friday, November 23, 2007

LOVEFINGERS edit 12" !! (we got em!)

hi. we are helping out our friend Andrew Lovefingers
and we are selling copies of his brand new edit 12"
released on RVNG. You may remember RVNG, as they
released Mike's dj debut on cd (under crazy Rhythms
along with his pal Dan Selzer).. You may also know
Lovefingers from his dj slot at the Italians Do It
better PS1 show this summer, where he played a killer
set of obscure cosmic afternoon delights. Anyway, this
12" is very limited and we only have a few copies
available- so grab it before it dissapears! Also, the
Glass Candy "Beatbox" cd, Farah 12" and Italians t-shirts
are quickly selling- almost sold out forever. so HURRY!!!
Dont miss out like you did on the Professor genius 12"!!
  • BUY IT HEREComing up early 2008 is Invisible Conga People 12" and
    Tiedye 12" and Mirage 12". very stoked. Also repressings
    of the Miss Broadway and Shining Violence 12"s due to
    overwhelming demand!!! (thanks for the support, BTW!)

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