Sunday, October 28, 2007

Please welcome TIEDYE to the Italians Family

Hello. Italians Do It Better is proud to welcome the
band TIEDYE to the family. TIEDYE is from Gothenburg
Sweden, and are not just a bunch of dudes with expensive
computer programs playing dance music. They are an actual
band that play live musics. Italians are releasing a 12"
by TIEDYE in early 2008 entitled "Nothing" , which is a
cover of the Metallica song "Nothing Else Matters".
Trust me, the song RULES. We were blown out of seats
when we heard this song. We may stream it soon for all
of you to hear.

In other news, the Professor Genius and Farah 12"s are
almost sold out. We have a small amount left so order
them fast! We repressed the Glass Candy and Chromatics
12"s because the demand was so high. Thanks for the

Coming soon: I-talians on I-tunes.


Ben said...

I am equipped with a profound boner after reading that this stuff will be on iTunes soon. Can't wait.

Steve from Dunwich said...

the Tiedye track is awesome! - but when is the Mirage stuff out...?