Thursday, September 13, 2007


hello. sorry its been a while, been VERY busy. The first
three IDIB 12"s are ready to order. you can order them
  • HERE
  • for the time being until the IDIB website is up,
    which will be shortly. Take advantage of our "bundle"
    options in the STORE, where you can order the three
    singles and save a few bucks, or order the singles and
    the After Dark cd and save a few bucks! These singles
    are ltd to 1000 each, and we are pretty sure we wont be
    repressing them (unless the demand is REALLY high).
    Also, out distributor, Revolver will have them for
    the stores out there. In a few weeks we will have the
    Chromatics Nite Drive cd for sale, and a few weeks
    after that we will have the Chromatics In The City 12"
    ready to go. AND finally, we are printing some shirts
    as well, and will have them ready to go in about 2 weeks.
    The shirts will rule your world!!!

    The releases:

    Glass Candy "Miss Broadway" 12"

    Side A: Main Version (7:07)
    Side B: Instrumental (7:07)
    After Dark (7:13)

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    Farah "Law Of Life" 12"

    Side A: Main Version (8:11)
    Side B: Midnite Remix (8:05)
    Instrumental (8:11)

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    Professor Genius "La Grotta" 12"

    Side A: La Grotta (6:31)
    Side B: Hot Dice (5:43)
    Across The Spree (6:04)

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    Ben said...

    As I said on the ilm thread pointing me here: Holy shit - I need to set up some kind of direct debit with you guys where you just take whatever money they want out of my overdraft and just keep sending me things.

    jojo said...

    amazing artwork! i love these sleeves!

    Steve from Dunwich said...

    so fucking hot!

    Unknown said...

    sexiest disco sleeves since they had naked people on them. che bella!

    Steele said...

    artwork look amazing. Who did it?

    mikoclaus said...

    please print this on 12". can't stop listening to it. Indeep "Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life" (Mirage Remix).

    headphonesex said...

    placed my order now... can't wait to get these bad boys on vinyl!

    keep up the hottness.....