Thursday, June 21, 2007

im back

hi. sorry its been so long.. here's a new mix i did for a magazine.
its a Megaupload link. copy the address below and it will ask
you to type 3 letters in for verification. its about 75 minutes
long. anyone who can guess the songs will get a prize!

i'll be in Portland next weekend djing and i'm setting up an
Italians Do It Better showcase at PS1 this summer with
Glass Candy and yours truly on the dj duties.

got tons of other shit lined up but im too lazy.

oh YEAH! the first batch of Itaians Do It Better 12" releases
are ready to "drop" in a few weeks!:

Chromatics "Shining Violence"
Glass Candy "Miss Broadway"
Professor Genius "La Grotta"
Farah "Law Of Life"


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welcome back!