Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mike on Beats In Space (again)

Totally forgot to mention this...I just djed on Beats
In Space to promote the little Sweden trip with Tim.
(see dates below)

There was an unfortunate dj 'incident' right after
Eddie Kendricks. Shit happens i guess. Its all
about song selection with this set!

Otherwise, it wasnt too bad. Feel free to criticize
me on my skills on the interactive vivaitalians
blog. Live drummers man... Its a love/hate thing
when it comes to mixing those fuckers sometimes.

I specifically played some blog tracks as well.
You can download the show or listen live at the
link below. Tim held it down though.


tommie 2 fingers said...

all that blah blah blah about your mixing and no mention of who did that amazing cover of paul simon....

great set btw

Italians Do It Better said...

i cant give away my sources . secret tracks.


tommie 2 fingers said...

ok fairdos. but bear in mind i just had to start a blog to ask that. a blog. i said i'd never.