Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This will be part one of my FMU record convention scores.
This was on my want list for pretty much EVER. When I
found it for $5 buried between crappy freestyle records I
almost shat myself. For real, those who know this record
and how awesomely rare it is can understand why i freaked
out. Just look at Ebay and it's $200+ pricetag...
First of all, Little Scotty is a blues legend. Somehow Peter
Brown squeezed a 4-song disco 12" out of him. Of all the P&P
related records, this has to be the most fucked up, and
thats saying a lot. (anyone remember Sweet Naomi's
drugged-out off-time rap 12"?) The track everyone will
know is "Shout at the Disco", mainly because it has a
famous breakbeat that all the djs want... But let's
talk about the track "Acid Freak". The title says it all.
Its a total Love-inspired super psyched-out and just insane
song. Pretty heavy acid rock- but the song falls apart at
the end. The drummer suddenly starts to play off-time
right before the song ends. The guitarist tries to catch up
but it doesnt work. Its the most insane thing I have ever
heard. It just makes no sense! Why would Peter Brown
keep the take??? Any sane man would scrap the song
and try again. A total trainwreck, and a total AWESOME


j said...

jesus, can you post some sound clips already??? i can't take it!! this blog is such a tease!!

Italians Do It Better said...

yeah the yellow label and maroon labels are different pressings. Patrick Adams is a maniac, as we all know. he pressed up records whenever he felt like it. i am sure the yellow and maroon press both came out around the same time. i asked the famous dealer Ray at the FMU convention. (hes the big guy with all the records and 45s behind the table). he told me it was an original. plus it has a Masterdisk stamp on the matrix, which is a giveaway. i have over 40 Patrick Adams/Peter Brown/-related records, and i always come across different color schemes. its a mystery!

Italians Do It Better said...

ps: i checked the ebay auction. it probably only went for $89 because the record had a warp. I wouldnt pay $90 for a warped record, would you???!?!?!

fuckhead said...

next time you go to boston, pick up Little Scotty's record on Skippy White;s label... available every for 50 cents...

Anonymous said...

"Acid Freak" is finally on youtube.