Thursday, October 12, 2006


***guest review by Patrick Billard

I picked this up for 59 cents at the Salvation Army 
on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg a few months ago.
Who would have thought that you could find good, rare
italo right in the bustling epicenter of all things

This is produced by Giancarlo Meo of Capricorn/Goblin

/Easy Going fame, only this time without his partner
Claudio Simonetti. Meo really shines here as both sides
of this are top-shelf italo disco.

The a-side is a fantastic paranoid look to the future...

10 years into the future that is the wonderous world of
1993! The lyrics are all about being lost in technology...
a "maze" of "computer days". Then there's lots of "space"
and "universe" terminology thrown in. It's not really clear
what they are getting at but apparently in 1993 we will all
be either living in outer space or inside computers.

The b-side is the real gem and probably of the most interest

to italo collectors. It's a cover version of the Chaplin Band's
"Il Veliero" entitled "Love On The Rocks". It's got gorgeous
female vocals with more great lyrics like "Love is on the
rocks, love's a hurricane". It's pretty true to the original
Chaplin Band version, although a bit more polished and dreamy and
definitely less quirky. I like it. Thanks Salvation Army!
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Emily said...

i have this on the carrere BPM lp too...i can't believe it was scored at the bedford salv. army!

Dan Selzer said...

Totally awesome record, I had this for a few years before I even heard any of the better-known versions. Not sure of the exact history, but I think the Chaplin Version is a cover version, I have another, shorter version by Lucio Battisti on mp3 that may be the original.

Dan Selzer said...

p.s., it'll probably be like all the moms who throw out their wanna-be DJ kids hipsters all over williamsburg default on their rent and have to run home to idaho or wherever, their landlords will find boxes and boxes of post-punk and italo-disco records in the hallway, and promptly get rid of them. Actually, that's what that store Junk is I guess!

Italians Do It Better said...

i played this shit in Sweden and i got heavily trainspotted by all the hipsters over there. oh well.