Tuesday, December 19, 2006


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Been busy lately, sorry its been so sparse with
the postings. Produced by London's own Tony
Williams (not the jazz Tony Williams), who was
known more for his reggae as a BBC dj than his
disco. He assembled a bunch of reggae musicians
for a disco studio session and came up with one
hell of a track. Minimal sounds here. The drums
and synth stabs keep this going, and the
familiar bass line, which influenced the
famous Man Friday "Love Honey" bassline. The
a-side has a rap over it, which borrows
from the Dennis Brown "Money In My Pocket".
AND, the rap on this record is known as
the first ever UK rap. (by Bo Kool in 1979).

The instrumental was a staple with all the
djs - from David Mancuso to Larry Levan, who
liked it so much it can be argued he used it
as major influence for the Peech Boys, (and
of course his trubute Love Honey in the mid 80s)
One can even argue that this song may have been
the catalyst for the disco dub, because Levan
loved this song so much, and he has been credited
with the "invention" of the disco dub. A
pretty amazing feat for a record made in isolation
in the UK that was self released and financed!

The song soon leaked into spots like Studio 54,
where it was an all time crowd pleaser.
Very weird for such an odd little song.

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