Saturday, December 09, 2006


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Special double shot since it's been a while . Moon
Maiden has been a favorite of mine for years, and
I just recently sorta "re-discovered" it. Anyway,
Luv You Madly Orchestra released a concept space
disco record revolving around some Duke Ellington
songs, and they also stuck an original on the a-side
(Rocket Rock)- which also smokes. Kermit Moore
and Stephen James arranged and produced this
futuristic and raw track. Nice and sparse production
topped off with some flanger effects on most of the
instruments makes this a trippy and especially spacey
track. The percussion and vocals are both super
insane, and there are a few points in this song when
everything gets super trippy and spaced out to the
point you can understand whats going on. Moon
Maiden is one of those rare tracks where every
second of the 8:51 on this piece of wax RULES. From
a production standpoint, it was ahead of the times,
and from a musical standpoint it is truly in a league
of its own. Try to get the lp as well. Theres some
really good songs on that thing as well.

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Dan Selzer said...

Walter Gibbons...the man.