Friday, September 21, 2012


The Elusive "Kill For Love" Repress Is Now Back In Stock. We Pressed Another 5,000 Copies On Rush From The Plant...They Rushed So Fast That They Pressed Them On Magenta. Remember, This Pressing Was Supposed To Be On Icey Blue Transparent Vinyl. Outer Package Sticker Says "Icey Blue Vinyl", But The Records Are In Fact Magenta. We'll Fix It On The Next Pressing. We Also Pressed 1,000 More "Night Drive" Records For Mailorder Only. This Time On Electric Lavender Vinyl. Symmetry's "Themes For An Imaginary Film" Is Back In Stock Today As Well. In It's Third Pressing On Black Vinyl...This Record Keeps Gaining Momentum. Glass Candy & Desire 12"s Are Soon To Be Extinct Forever...Thanks To Everyone Who Was Patient While We Made More Of These, & Get Them While You Can...They Are Flying Out Of The Store Today.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just snagged myself a copy!

It does seems like whoever has been pressing the vinyls has been giving you guys a LOT of problems lately..

Anonymous said...

YEAAHHHH j'ai commandé ! I ordered one !!!

Anonymous said...

not missing out this time. can i order multiple copies for my friends?

Italians Do It Better said...


Erik said...

Writing here because I didn't get a response from Elene or the idib-mail... I ordered four records

B/E/A/T/B/O/X 12"
Feeling Without Touching 12"
Fly Like An Eagle 12"
That Look In Your Eyes 12"

but I accidentally put in the wrong mail address... I sent e-mails to idib-address and Elene where I put my real shipping address, this was 6 days ago. Today I got an e-mail saying that my order has been shipped, but to the wrong address. Since I live in Sweden, the package will (I guess) go back to you... How do I fix this?

Erik said...

Oh yeah, my order number was 10D07F79AEC59030

and my transaction ID was


Erik said...

Everything was sorted, I love you

kendoll214 said...

elene hooked me up too! you guys are the best. so stoked on the wax

Anonymous said...

"Magenta vinyl limited to 15,000 copies. First pressing of 10,000, and a mistake in the first half of the second pressing resulted in another 5,000 in magenta. Remaining 5,000 of the second pressing are on "icey blue" vinyl."

Is that true? 5k on "icey blue"? I already have one magenta from the first pressing. How can i get the blue one too?