Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello. Thanks everybody for all the orders. Color vinyl of Night
Drive flew out the door, and sold out in under 3 days. We are
also all caught up on orders for the most part, unless you
ordered within the last 2 days. Weare happy with the new mail
system and havent had any more mail issues. also we are running
dangerously low on a few titles so if you need to stock up better
do so soon: TERMINAL TWILIGHT 7", NITE JEWEL (both 12"S),
and pretty much all the t-shirts. we have under 6 of every shirt
in every size left. these will not be repressed
so better move fast! also the T&K 12" sold out last week out of the
blue. just an idea as to how fast stuff sells out! ;)

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