Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mike's mix for Dazed

Mike Simonetti just did a mix for Dazed Digital. It's only
a year late! Its also his first mix of 2010. (hes a busy guy
these days!) But its a doozie! You may recognize some of
these songs. Try to guess the track listing. Theres some
pretty obscure stuff on this one!


  • (let us know if the downloads arent working)


    William Bottin said...

    no lady gaga?! ;((

    Anonymous said...


    idontmind said...

    any chance of getting the track list?

    jack_johnson_234 said...

    Definitely great mix... publishing the tracklist would be awsome.

    mrfrostee said...

    thanks for repping jerzey. wicked mix

    the saucer people said...

    No Lady GaGa??? Call yourself cutting-edge, pah!

    Seems a fruitless exercise in asking if the track list will be available one day? It seems the chances of a tracklist are in inverse proportion to the quality and originality of the no freakin' chance!

    Really like the idea of dj's doing a hand-full of mixes a year instead of churning them out week in week out, given the fact only one or two will be remembered in a year, why not take your time and so something memorable and different...well thats my uninformed blog opinion for the day.

    I wanted to show some love to the tree-chair or is that a chair-tree? Tell me thats real and not some clever 'photographshopping' trickery..if its 'real' then all kudos to the grower for lovingly manipulating the branches...genius.

    PS> Who is that handsome devil reclining on it? ;)

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    Simon said...

    Great mix! Download links don't work anymore but one can find a link to the mp3 in the page source of the article.