Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SPRINGTIME NEWS - Mucho News! (and Swash!)

hello. our absence does not mean we were not busy! we have been
hard at work recording, designing, even doing an overhaul for the
store! keep your eyes peeled for a nice new store overhaul. so much
is happening i dont even know where to begin. we have tons of dates
scheduled for the spring and summer, as well as tons of records.
we are hard at work on art, photos, music, trips to Kinkos, trips
to sit with our webmaster, trips to Portland, trips to Montreal, trips
to mikes basement, trips to the post office, trips to the record
store. always working, never sleeping, sometimes eating. This
is the 'behind the scenes hibernation' before the unveiling and the

anyway, there is a new semi-official T&K video floating around for
a track off the IDIB 12", check it out below:

Tiago & Dj Kaos - "Yet To Come" from Rodrigo Vaz on Vimeo.

ALSO for those of you who enjoy the vinyl format, we acquired a
few copies of Professor Genius brand new self-released 7". By
far, its his best work yet. if you want one email Mike for the order
info at mike at troublemanunlimited dot com. it is $8 postage paid
USA / $10 worldwide and it is extremely limited. it is a must buy!
We also have a small amount of Pilooski edit 12"s left that was
released on RVNG. if you need order info on that email is above.
that record is long gone from pretty much everywhere so grab it
now before you are stuck paying discogs prices. speaking of discogs,
Mike recently put up a bunch more records from his collection. He is
selling all of his doubles. There some really good stuff up there
and its all priced the lowest on discogs.
  • check it out>