Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back to the grind... - djing Friday NYC

my "Fall Relaxation Program" is coming to an end. I'm
slowly getting back out on the road and playing other
people's records... This weekend i am playing NYC, at
an all night, after hours event. i am playing from 3:15-
4:30 am. before me is Large Professor, you know from
Main Source... pretty nuts, right? it should be one of
"those nights" as they say. Hope to see you there. These
parties are notoriously asweome...

coming soon to Barcelona, Sweden, Mexico, Canada,
DC, Chicago, LA, Istanbul, London, Canada again...
AND OF COURSE, the Italians Do It Better seasonal Fall
party in Portland next weekend! GONNA RULE! more info
in a few days.

more importantly , there is going to be some news
regarding many many new Italians releases and
merchandise and new additions to the roster!

We are all coming out of our slumber. The sleeping
giant has awoken.


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