Sunday, July 20, 2008


hey there. moscow was KILLER!!! its my new all time favorite
place. and i am sure the bands agree. glass candy and chromatics
blew the doors off the place. it was a sight to behold. if i didnt
run this record label i would sure be jealous! but seriously, it
was amazing! also sorry to the people who had to see me dj with
only a few cds. the airline lost my records and i had to burn cds off
my laptop. but it was fun! i even got to play some trance FINALLY! (lol).
it was also great hanging with Optimo again. they destroyed, and we
traded edits, yada yada yada,,, all in all a great weekend!

also, my friend Elliot has a website and its pretty huge these days
and we are giving away a few copies of the AFTER DARK 3lps (if
you dont want to buy it!!) to register for the contest go below
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