Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mike's JULY dj gigs of note for those who care, etc

im djing in July:
July 4 BRAZIL (Rio) at Lounge 69
July 5 BRAZIL (Sao Paulo) at Club Vegas
July 10 NEW YORK CITY at Love
July 12 TORONTO CANADA @ Wrong Bar
July 17 CHICAGO ILLINOIS USA (We Heart Chicago Festival)
July 19 MOSCOW Russia (w/ Glass Candy, Chromatics, and OPTIMO)
July 26 WASHINGTON DC @ Trinidad and Tobago Association Hall- 5123 Georgia Ave. NW,

more real info soon regarding records.. maybe the return

and one more thing. some people have been asking for copies of
some of the edits i play out sometimes when i dj. there are no
plans to release such edits to the public as they are for dj purposes
and they are meant to be heard out in the club. so if you REALLY
want to hear them, come out to the party! plus sometimes such
"edits" (i use that word VERY VERY loosely) are done on the spot
via the handy cdj with the 5 or so cds i actually take with me when i
play out... cds- lol!


Letdown said...

Dj-ing with Optimo?! You realize that’s grounds for retirement right? Or perhaps its grounds for mansion hunting, misogyny, gloating and the like.

can you two collaborate and make Italian Optimo Babies?

Italians Do It Better said...

Optimo are old buddies of mine. we go WAAAAAY back.

Letdown said...

Well in that case, you will make Italian Optimo Babies, or maybe they'll be Italian Espacio Babies. Esecially after your little performance on Sweeny's Show. Don't get me wrong, your set was brilliant, but to quote Tim's squeaky attempt at assertiveness: "Just not very dancey, Mike"

Steve from Dunwich said...

you mean theres no plans to to release the 20 minute hack n' slash edit of 'Walls' by Crass you played in Brighton?!

Italians Do It Better said...

i think i played enough Crass in Brighton to last me a few months!