Thursday, January 10, 2008

Italians t-shirts getting reprinted

hi. due to demand we will be making a small reprint
of Italians shirts. These will be the same block letter
design, except it will be black ink on black shirts.
They look excellent! We should have them in a week or so.
We are only making 25 shirts in this limited color run.


La_Loca! said...

Will we be able to order one? Please??

Dear Watson said...

Where can i buy one of them?

billiam said...

I want one as well, are you printing any more on white? custom orders maybe?

Italians Do It Better said...

wow.. ok. i will post to the blog when we have them ready... give it about a week. custom colors, probably not. sorry! the black on black are killer. they look like G-Unit shirts.

showboy said...

what happened? where are they?