Friday, October 12, 2007

Mike djs in Sweden this weekend

Mike Simonetti djing in Sweden this weekend.

*** Friday October 19 - Stockholm @ China Theatre
*** Saturday October 20 - Gothenburg @ Styrbord Babord
@ Main Deck. w/ Anton from Tiedye!

If you know me , you know how much i rave about
Sweden being one of the best places on the planet,
and if you've been there you know what i mean.

so why not get a flight out and come hang!

ALSO, soon we will have news of a new Italians
signing (speaking of Sweden) !!!

ill be giving away Italians t-shirts just
like I did in the UK!

Also Im djing MOTHERFUCKER on Halloween.

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julie said...


i'm working in a recordstore in paris (… i want to order the new chromatics lp but can't actually find it… (my US distro dont have it) is it going to be released in France? uk?
didn't know where to ask so here i am! would be nice to hear from you,
all the best

Ivan said...

Could you perhaps drop by Denmark at some point too :-). Or did I miss something while you were practically / almost here? Hope not, and hope it went well in Sweden :-)
// Ivan / ONBC.