Sunday, July 15, 2007

Roma O' Morte

back from Africa- i mean Italy. Its nice to visit
the motherland. Hung out with Mirage in his deluxe
studio on the resort island of Sardinia. We drank wine
and ate cheeses until the night turned into day.
Its hard to understand what he is saying thru his
vocoder, but after a few drinks it was all good.

SO did American Apparel copy the Italian Appeal
logo? The mystery continues!

mike's dj gigs /vinyl release news coming soon.
also, due to overwhelming demand we are pressing
the After Dark cd professional style for stores.
More on that soon. BUT if you order from us
direct you can get the special hand made version,
which is much cooler, and VERY limited. the test
pressings are here, and we expect vinyl in 2 weeks.

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Duncan said...

Hey I really wanna order the limited vinyl but don't know how. Wanna let a brother know what the trick is?

rock said...

Hi there,
I just posted a comment on your blog titled: KILLER KUTS #28, dated Nov. 13, 2006.
That blog talks about a track called What am I gonna Do for Fun, Pitch record.
I am the vocalist on that track, and I do not possess the record nor an MP3 format.

Wow, if you at all have an MP3 format of the track, I'll be forever greatful to you.

thanks, RS

Italians Do It Better said...

RS email me at:


ExpatMichael said...

Is the link to my auction of Pitch What am I Gonna Do for Fun. I wanted to write to the guy that wrote you and said he was the vocalist but when I clicked over there was no email address. Cheers, Michael