Monday, November 13, 2006


Yet another killer find at WFMU. Getting in early
with a dealer badge really pays off! When it comes to
minimal synth stuff, this is considered a Holy Grail
by many, yet shunned by other collectors because
it has a dancey beat and too much melody.
Released in 1982, Pitch was a two piece NYC based
minimal synth group, and this self-released 12" on
their On/Off Records label is one of the more
mysterious NYC bands of the era. They existed within
the whole no wave scene, yet noone I spoke to knew
who they were. Upon further inspection I discovered
one of the principal songwriters, Marc Cantor, is an
internet and computer pioneer. His entire
bio is here:

But in a nutshell, he pretty much developed the
company known as Macromedia, and was also
responsible for programming the first ever licensed
music for a video game ("Peter Gunn" for Spyhunter).
And, he worked with the first Macintosh computers...
Today he is more known as a pioneer in the blog
world, believe it or nor- with his work in micro-
content publishing.

if you go to his blog:

you can find a link to a download of a track he wrote
in 1981. Totally rad!

This all makes sense when you think of it. He was
making computer music.. speaking of which, the A-side
"What Am I Gonna Do For Fun" is an amazing track.
Dry female vocals over what can only be described as
'cosmic minimal synth'. It can easily pass for something
that is popular today. The record cover is also awesome-
a multi color silkscreen job, which leads me to believe
this was a pretty limited run.
On another note, i am closer to getting this blog sorted
out and putting up music. SO keep an eye out.


Cameron Octigan said...

this is a great blog, so thanks for all the work. here in San Francisco, although you would assume the opposite, there has been little or no disco going on. we have Bus Station John, but he spins exclusively at gay bars rather than more hip places that SHOULD be taste making. it makes no difference to me, and i go see him frequently. still, the younger (under 40) crowd only attends events with cameras. of course. alas, only recently have a few of us been lucky enough to stumble on a hidden disco diaspora who have just begun to give going out a second chance. so, it's nice to set up a night, see people dancing to Banana Records re-edits and Mandre, and not lose money at the bar. anyway, thanks for the blogging. cheers.

Italians Do It Better said...

what about frisco disco? werent they doing a night??

rock said...

Hi there,

I'm the female vocalist on this track. My initials are RS.

Unfortunately, I don't have the record nor an MP3 format of this track. If at all you can help me I would be greatful to you forever.

thank you much,