Thursday, November 07, 2013


I was reading that you were born on September 28, the same day as Brigitte
Bardot, & that you have the same blood type as Marilyn Monroe. Do you feel a
certain connection to either of these two iconic women in any aspects of your life? Do you try to establish yourself as an icon as well?

Thank you for interviewing me. I certainly wouldn’t ever think of myself as being
iconic at their level, but I do really like the idea of the female icon. I’ve been very
inspired by strong, outspoken women in my life. Siouxsie Sioux, Debbie Harry, &
Nina Hagen were my obsessions when I was a teenager & probably my biggest
influence in deciding to cast off my shyness & be the front woman of a band. All
three of them have a very strong presence & let their unique perspectives on life
come through in their lyrics. Those are the main themes I focus on in Glass
Candy. Iconic ideas. I am very happy to hold up my little candle to their giant
stars because these women have given me a lot.

There’s a line in “Beatific” that says, “People’s rules & what they do are often
different things.” As a musician, do you have rules that you have to set for
yourself while making music? If you do, are they more to steer you in the
direction of what you want to achieve, or to keep you from doing a particular

The only rule is there are no rules. That’s the reason Glass Candy has remained
fiercely independent. For me it would be nothing without all the exploration that
leads to revelation.

The music of Glass Candy has been used in fashion shows for designers such
as Chloe, Balenciaga, & Chanel. Does fashion play a large role in your life, in the
image of Glass Candy?

That’s a really good question & one that I still can’t quite figure out. I really love
personal style, but that’s different than fashion. I love fashion, but I am not sure I
really understand it. I enjoy it more in the way that I enjoy a beautiful painting, or
a film, or an extravagant multi-tiered cake, but I don’t understand how you would
wear any of those.

In times where you aren’t touring of making music, what do you like to do?

I just started taking ballet again, & I’m training with classical piano & voice.

From what I understand you & Johnny Jewel are almost opposites, but you
balance each other out. In what ways is he different from you, & you from him?
How do you play off of each other’s differences?

John is the nucleus & I’m the electron. John has two feet firmly on the ground &
I’m out circling the stratosphere. It’s like how the flower needs the root & vice
versa. How nature sustains & the world goes around because of the dynamic
tension between opposites. That’s Glass Candy.

What artists do you consider to be some of Glass Candy’s primary influences?
Are there any artists that you particularly identify with?

Our influences range from Kraftwerk to 70’s neon punk like the Sex Pistols, 60’s
girl groups like the Shangri-Las & The Ronettes, 80’s synth music like Gary
Numan, Dark Day & Suicide, & a huge dose of disco music as well as hip hop,
The Velvet Underground, opera, film soundtracks & vintage t.v. theme songs. We
love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can’t say I identify with any particular
artist. I Just admire them through the glass.

What’s the writing & recording process like? As opposed to conventional
recording, is there anything that is done differently?

I don’t know how conventional recording is done but I’m pretty sure that’s not how
we’re doing it. John is the only person I have ever recorded with. We do our
creating separately in different cities, & then fuse it together in a “big bang” kind
of moment & boom…. there’s a song where previously there was a void. As for
the actual process of this music being committed onto some form of physical
media, I couldn’t tell you a thing. As many years as I’ve sat there in the studio &
stared at John while he’s mixing & cutting Glass Candy tracks, I still have no idea
what he’s doing over there because I’m a Libra & it’s way too complicated.
He’s Gemini with a Libra moon, so we find our way.

Are you reading anything at the moment? Who are some of your favorite

I like to read Yogic philosophy. I love Sri Aurobindo. There’s a really great book
by his disciple Satprem called “The Adventure Of Consciousness” that is one of
my all time favorites. Another book I revisit a lot is “The Mark” by Maurice Nicoll. I
love the poetry of Sylvia Plath, & anything by J.D. Salinger.

The first time you played in McAllen was in July of last year. Had you heard about
McAllen before coming down & playing here? Did what you heard before & what
you experienced after differ?

I had never heard of McAllen before, but I think it’s the cutest & most mysterious
place ever. I always keep a list of cities that intrigue me. I told John I wanted to
come back next time we were in Texas.

As a band that has been together for over 15 years, how do you believe your
sound has developed over time? In achieving the sound you have now, was it a
sudden change, or did it just come naturally as a result of both yourself & Johnny

It has grown as we have grown. It would feel unnatural to never change.

It seems as though Alberto Rossini is the director of choice not only for Glass
Candy’s videos, but for the videos of almost all the groups signed to Italians Do It
Better. Is there a reason as to why you enjoy working with him so much?

Yeah, it seems like he’s just one of us. He always knows how to please us. It’s
like he shares a brain with us. His films are not narrative. Just mood, & we of
course love that.

What should we expect at the show come November 10?

Glass Candy has a surprise addition to its act, & I think both bands will be
extra excited because now McAllen is a nostalgic place for us to come back to.
Thanks again. These were really great questions.

Love, Ida

Ida No Ninth Grade Photo. Vancouver, Washington.

Isabella Soto Is A Junior At The Science Academy Highschool In Mcallen, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

super excited about FFF fest this weekend. sad you guys are playing so early. any plans on an aftershow away from all that festival biz? please.

IDIB said...


Anonymous said...

fantastic interview
love / love / love

Unknown said...

What a great interview and I'm impressed with the high school interviewer's questions. Ida's 9th grade photo makes me happy; I wish I knew people like her in high school.

Anonymous said...

Ida looks like Molly Ringwald in her 9th grade pic and I love it!! So sad I'll be working during your FFFfest show :(

Chase Mutha' Fuckin' Jaxxxon

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Granada show immensely. Hope to see you near Fayetteville Arkansas next time. Hope the rest of the tour is fun and safe.

-much love, Tevin Whitney

Colin said...


With all the chatter on these posts... are you thinking about creating an IDIB message board? I haven't been able to find a fan made one or even a subreddit! Sometimes I just need to geek out haha.

Jason said...

The Dallas show @ Granada was great! I enjoyed it so much; Nice to see the band after the show.

Ida No is so cool!!!

bubblegum casting said...

great post

Rips O'Curr said...

Grand interview! Super stoked to read that Ida No is down with yogic philosophy and diggin' on Sri Aurobindo, who is top notch. Raise it up Ida, raise it up!

Great job Ms. Soto. Keep up the good work!

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Unknown said...

Why are there spammers here? Where do they come from? Do they actually think that anyone will give them money? I have many questions, but Ida No the answers.

Anonymous said...

The bands aren't coming to Art Basel :(?

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Unknown said...

When can we get a bit of Cherry, St. Simonetti?

Anonymous said...

'twould be grand if there were a Mirage Lady Operator/Lake of Dreams 12"

Anonymous said...

Come on IDIB Give us some news. And some Rekkids.

Le Contrebandier said...

thank you so much for the Darkly Obsessed Wild Child poster signed. I could not have dream most terrific Christmas gift... you are the loveliest persons i have ever met. Ur musick really saved my life. Thank you for La Cigale show (the night when dreams came true). Thank you for all Iko Iko versions, Life after sundown versions. Thank you for Myspace demos, instrumentals, deep gems, thank you for Farah's songs, Naked Life with Oko live at la Gaieté Lyrique. Thank you for the flyers. For Mike edits. Thank you for all those years, all those golden memories, those sleepless nights. I will never forget the first time i put "Miss Broadway" on my turntable, the day i found Chromatics 12" at my records shop, i could not believe it. You can not be real ; you're too good. You are true & your are beautiful. I believe in one God, and it's a goddess : Ida No. My sweaty soul belongs to you. Thank you Faithfully, Eric

Anonymous said...

Chromatics should do a cover of Tom Petty "Last Dance with MaryJane"

Anonymous said...

music? :(

Unknown said...

Please give the fans new records.

Anonymous said...

bodywork and the 2 chromatics eps please.

Anonymous said...

How about a post or two to keep us warm in the winter? just saying...

Jaquez said...

Candy LP say "coming soon" for longest time

anddrewww said...

hey im looking to purchase the after dark kitten shirt but the only size left is 2xl, do you happen to know the measurements?

Unknown said...

Just because After Dark 2 didn't sell, that doesn't mean you have to kill the label...

Anonymous said...

Bordello A Parigi Does it better.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Body Work?

Anonymous said...

I heard some DJ in Miami play a song off Body Work a couple weekends ago and it was nuts. Can't wait for it to drop.

Anonymous said...

dammit after dark 2 vinyl is sold out again! wanted to grab a copy. just realized my ex stole mine. please please please re-press. and desire too!

jessicajlewis said...

LLLLLLLLove you guys

Anonymous said...

farah too

D'arcy Planche said...

I ran into Johnny Jewel at LACMA in Los Angeles last weekend! You guys are so nice and humble. It's refreshing. Can't wait for new tunes

kevin harris said...

New Gosling movie you guys did coming out? No news since the new year. Trying to be patient, but we're dying for new work

Anonymous said...

just heard the "teleport 2 me" track. how did i miss this? rinsing daily from now on.

Forest said...

you guys should release the sound cloud mixes on wax

Fishing Rod Holders said...

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amphetaminegirl said...

PLEASE repress AD2!

PSKscoopmeup said...

we need more

stephanie garner davis said...

I am starting to think this is the calm before the storm. You guys are always quietest right before a massive explosion of art. Give us clue, please <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

that "redheads feel more pain" beat is crazy. can we get the instrumental?

MattiewHensler said...

you can get AD2 instrumentals here:

they posted the link a few months ago.
"fill the blanks" and "readheds"are the best.
great for remixing and putting in videso

Anonymous said...

thnx for link! how did i miss this lol

Taylor K. said...

Did you guys see this?

...Chloe Sevigny and Symmetry?

Anonymous said...

Those Who Kill was beautiful, loved all the Symmetry tracks and The River (chromatics version).
Are these tracks going to be released separately, or are they all miniature pieces?

Anonymous said...

oh shit gotta chack that out

uxpi said...

I only watched those who kill because of the music!
P.S. I just read this interview, not a single word about Body Work :(
I loved the "I call this guy, like, "Hey, I want to press 10,000 records," then I wire him the money and they disperse internationally"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

knock knock >>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

still the best label out, even if ya'll hiding out in the lab. can't wait to check out what you been up to

Anonymous said...

oh shit!!!!!!!!!!google watch & glass candy?

killahtram said...

Viva After Dark 2! this shit is nutz

Philly said...

I heard that you are quitting; is that true? This has been the longest absence EVER.

Anonymous said...

Longest absence is right. It just isn't adding up according to that interview in January.
Since the new year has just begun, have you got any music related resolutions?
"I want Chromatics to start practicing. We all live in different cities and haven't practiced in, like, five years. I'm excited about getting a tour space and doing a tour in the spring. I also have a few records I want to finish this year, so that's a resolution, and finally I want to commit to this poet from Texas, Farrah. I want to finish her album. Obviously there's a new Chromatics record, too."

Anonymous said...

Patients, people. Let them do their thing, how about some encouraging comments so they know fans support their art and its not about just consuming new material.

Anonymous said...

was Those who Kill cancelled?

uxipi said...

I think they're rescheduling it. To be honest, I found Those Who Kill pretty bad(except for the music).
I want new IDIB too, but, when I listen to AD2 & cia I discover that IDIB music is still sounding fresh and new to me, so no rush.

Unknown said...

Let them do their thing? All they have to do is press a record they already recorded: "Cherry" and I'll be happy

kevinhgarner said...

All you people bitching about the "silence" is embarrassing. IDIB has never played by the rules or been consistent. It's one of the reasons I am still intrigued after all these years. Any other label would have milked the shit out of Chromatics and made them tour until we were all sick of them. Jewel has said in countless interviews that hype is the kiss of death. My guess is that they are protecting the bubble as usual, and working on some insanely beautiful things. I am still checking in as anxiously as you are in hopes of more music.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with kevin. people need to chill

Marie Duplat said...

Me also, but please throw us a bone : )

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

you chill. maybe you have some good music to chill to. I don't.

Liam said...

Ha ha ha.Johnny Jewel feed us. We need fresh blood

Anonymous said...

what's "beautiful nows"?

Anonymous said...

Coachella is missing you guys. : (

uxipi said...

So 'How to Catch a Monster' is now 'Lost River', premiering at Cannes, may is coming....

ChristopherMeade said...

Fuck yes! Brilliant news Just heard about this from a friend of mine. So that's what Johnny Jewel has been up to. Sneaky fellow lol. Totally creaming to see and hear this now. Johnny and Ryan together again. You know it's going to be magic. Set my alerts for the London premier.

Anonymous said...

WHAT???!!!!!! OH.MY.GOD!

Anonymous said...

So today echopark confirmed "Lost River" aaand on twitter said: "Johnny is in the studio working w/ Ida No on the new Glass Candy album "Body Work" but he'll speak about the film and his score after Cannes".
This summer is gonna be SICK!